Our Story

Kathkriti handicrafts began life in 2013, as a high end custom made hand-carved furniture making unit using best quality teak wood and excellent local craftsmanship.


Leftovers of the beautiful teak wood in the process of making furniture became a prime matter of concern to us and as a solution to this we derived at a much “GREENER PRODUCT” by upcycling the leftovers of the valuable teak into some very creative wall panels.


Soon we were able to reframe our entire production process by eliminating the use of energy consuming machine to locally used hand tools, developed a whole new series of stunning designs and within a short span of six months we were ready to test our market.


Response we got from Designers and Architects across the globe came to us as a surprise and that gave us a lot of strength to move further.




 “Eco responsible” is our motto now.



The edge rough cut pieces of the teak logs are normally disposed off, but such cut of pieces have the most intricate textures. By the end of 2015,we stopped manufacturing furniture and began to procure such leftover of teak wood from various teak producing saw mills and convert it into some very interesting wall panels, therefore not demanding cutting down trees but upcycling the left over, thus reducing the negative impact on the environment.





A global vision, a talent to handcraft waste of wood in our most creative manner, that is hidden behind every panel design. Design and production blends into the inclination towards the creative experimentation, in the excellence of the artisanal process and in the uniqueness of the style. By employing the local artisans of the tribal and backward communities from the nearby villages and generating opportunities for their environmental, social and economic benefits, we are able to make a contribution towards SUSTAINABLE development through efficient use of energy and elimination of waste.

Management Team



An Architect by profession, his passion for innovations is the best part happened to Kathkriti. He has an excellent business acumen garnered through years of hands on experience in business and design.



Managing operations and Orders at Kathkriti, P.l Meena believes in team work and customer satisfaction. He has an experience in construction and interiors. He also contributes in product designing and quality control.


Production Manager

B.L Meena is a long timer with Kathkriti Handicrafts. He takes pride as production manager, manages all the staff, take care of the entire requirement for the production of the wooden tiles with consummate proficiency.


Creative Head

Ram Avtar is head of design since the origin of Kathkriti. He is a vivid designer covering all product designing aspects, with a cut for innovation and quality.


Manager business development and sales India

Naveen is a civil engineer by profession, an enthusiastic team player at work; Believes in communication is the key to effectively manage clientele. He is managing the sales and marketing in India.

Our Vision

Why Teak ?


Teak is the best and most valuable thing nature has to offer in terms of wood.


Teak is commonly known as 'Sagwan wood' or 'Saag' in Hindi and many of the other Indian languages. Due to its beautiful brown to dark golden color, teak is also a very popular furniture wood. It is highly resistant to external influences, fire, acid and water. The nature characteristic of teak is its durability in all weather conditions.


Teak has an extremely dense grained hardwood that resists rot, warping, shrinking and swelling. Its high natural oil and rubber content continually preserves the wood so it can be left outdoors for decades and makes teak highly resistant, especially against bad weather, fungi and termites.


Teak is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish. Teak remains beautiful even without painting. Known for durability and a sleek, rich appearance, when you invest in items made from teak you are joining a long line of wise consumers that stretches back centuries.